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Welcome to On the Quiet Path!

Deciding to write a blog is a huge commitment. Not only that, it’s also a bold leap out of a private life and into the wider world where, it seems, so many people have something worthwhile to share.

Taking the plunge into the blogosphere is the first step. The second step? Figuring out what to write about!

I asked a friend this very question. He didn’t hesitate. “Write about the things you love about life!”

That sounded like a good idea.

There is one thread that seems to connect all of my interests—creativity. I love writing, art, photography, drawing, music, reading…the list goes on! I also love travel. The sea, the mountains, exploration and discovery. I’m lucky to live in (I’ll argue) one of the most beautiful countries in the world—New Zealand. As an American living at the bottom of the world (and one who lived most of my life in landlocked states), I delight in living near the sea and the mountains. If I so desired I could go surfing and snowboarding in the same day (it’s on my bucket list!). A country with volcanoes and fjords, rugged coastlines,  art galleries and no shortage of live gigs has proven to be a rich source of inspiration to feed my creative endeavors.

So read on and enjoy On the Quiet Path. Keep in touch and we’ll swap stories.

All the best…



  1. This is great! I really look forward to reading your posts. 🙂

  2. Thanks for your support inquisitivebird! One bold leap into the blogosphere…

  3. A travel writer in New Zealand! This blog is sounding very cool.
    I live in NZ too – it is a beautiful place! I hope you have plenty of things to write about here. I think travel writing must be very interesting work.
    ps. That piano looks awesome! (Where is it?) 😀

    • Hi Tarina, thanks for your comments. I do think I’ve got a pretty sweet deal–an American exploring these beautiful shores and being able to tell others all about it! There will certainly be no shortage of things to write about as there is so much variety here and so many stories just waiting to be told.

      The piano is a Gap Filler project. Gap Filler is a non-profit that arose after our first earthquake, they fill vacant spaces with art, poetry, music, a dance-o-mat, cycle-powered cinema, and the list goes on! It’s one of the most wonderful grassroots efforts to have arisen out of the devastating quakes. Here’s a link to more details on the Piano Gap:

      What part of NZ do you call home? Maybe I’ve been there…

      Looking forward to exploring your blog!

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