About me

Welcome to On the Quiet Path!

Deciding to write a blog is a huge commitment. Not only that, it’s also a bold leap out of a private life and into the wider world where, it seems, so many people have something worthwhile to share.

Taking the plunge into the blogosphere is the first step. The second step? Figuring out what to write about!

I asked a friend this very question. He didn’t hesitate. “Write about the things you love about life!”

That sounded like a good idea.

There is one thread that seems to connect all of my interests—creativity. I love writing, art, photography, drawing, music, reading…the list goes on! I also love travel. The sea, the mountains, exploration and discovery. I’m lucky to live in (I’ll argue) one of the most beautiful countries in the world—New Zealand. As an American living at the bottom of the world (and one who lived most of my life in landlocked states), I delight in living near the sea and the mountains. If I so desired I could go surfing and snowboarding in the same day (it’s on my bucket list!). A country with volcanoes and fjords, rugged coastlines,  art galleries and no shortage of live gigs has proven to be a rich source of inspiration to feed my creative endeavors.

So read on and enjoy On the Quiet Path. Keep in touch and we’ll swap stories.

All the best…



  1. Hi, thank you for the comment on Sherrill Cannon’s Santa’s Birthday Gift children’s book. I will be reviewing that every Christmas until it becomes a true classic.

    I love the look of your site. I did have a question, if you do not mind answering. How did you get from the US to New Zealand? I have been as far as Barbados and loved being on the islands in the Caribbean. I’d love to see your new country.

    • Hello! Thanks for your comment and your feedback. Barbados? I imagine that be be a great place to visit. What brought you there? I decided to move to New Zealand some years back now and hopped on a plane with crossed fingers that everything would work out (residency, jobs, etc.) when I got here! And it did.

  2. Hi! I just found your blog via Twitter and I just had to tell you – I love it! I am a creative and a nature lover too – at heart – but over the last couple of years most of my creative stuff has had to take a back seat due to other commitments and that thing they call a “real job” getting in the way. I also always struggled a bit with not knowing exactly what I want to do because mum, dad, teachers etc always expect you to just do one thing. But you’ve reminded me that you don’t have to stick to one thing – you can call yourself a creative and that encompasses everything! So thanks for the reminder and the inspiration to get back to being creative now that life has settled down. P.S, I also live in NZ – Wellington – and it truly is paradise is it not?
    Sarah xo

    • Hi Sarah, the Creative!

      Wow, thanks so much for your amazing comment! I’m glad you’re inspired to flex your creative muscles again, despite the “real job” and the expectation of “doing one thing and doing it well.” Why can’t we pursue all of our creative efforts (why not, indeed?) and enjoy every last one?

      I just spent the summer in Wellington, writing and exploring, and I loved it! What a great place for you to call home. Lucky you and lucky Wellington to have you.

      Happy creating!

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